We search for calling in careers, hobbies, and sometimes in full fledged ministries. As a church we are all called into God’s community and onto his mission. There is no greater calling. We each have a role to play– some in full time roles, others serving faithfully in their own local context. As a church we believe our identity is not a building, but a group of people saved by grace, committed to fulfilling a mission handed down to us by Christ & the apostles as recorded in the Scriptures. We describe our mission like this:

To make disciples who love like Jesus.

We find that mission all throughout the Scriptures, famously in the “great commission” of Matthew 28:19.  We know it is a short summarization: “baptizing and teaching” is part of “make disciples” and “love like Jesus” is shorthand for “obey everything I have commanded you”. We have two parallel paths of involvement: partnering with full-time leaders and serving through the local church.

Partner with full-time leaders

Curtis Alexander


Charlie Bing

of gracelife.org

“Skip” Steffes

of the Olympia Union Gospel Mission

Andrew & Rabya Prout

of christar.org

Wayne & Sue Royce

of abwe.org/serve/countries/south-africa

Jeff Welch

of Word of Life

Serving through the local church