Embassy | 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

The Church is God’s embassy on earth. It is staffed by citizens of heaven, who serve both the citizens of heaven who are yet still on earth, as well as the citizens of earth. We are all ambassadors for Christ, representing Jesus to every tongue, tribe, and nation.

This week’s message is a challenging reminder to have new eyes to see the world around us as Jesus did – and a reminder to be about the embassy work that we have been given to complete.

In addition to our time in 2 Corinthians 5, Jeremy also shared “Missions 101”, explaining from a missionary’s perspective the task the Lord has put before this church in light of the rapid cultural changes that have taken place, especially here in the Northwest.

Each week we invited families to bring their kids to church, into our regular worship service and to be a part of our teaching. We believe it is the best way for your kids to grow and develop a relationship with God. To this point we keep our teaching shorter, include applications for kids, and provide the following “family” sheet. We find that debriefing this sheet weekly over ice cream produces meaningful faith conversations.