Jonah & the City (Part 6)

Jonah in the New Testament | Mathew 12:38–41; Mathew 16:1–4; Luke 11:29–32

We studied the book of Jonah using its historical context to understand what the author intended his original audience to understand. However, Jonah’s works are also mentioned by Jesus. This week we are seeing how Jesus uses Jonah to reveal himself to Israel in the first century– and to us in the twenty-first century.

Videos from this message:

  1. Bible Project Jonah Summary
  2. Aaron Shust’s cover of Resurrecting

Each week we invited families to bring their kids to church, into our regular worship service and to be a part of our teaching. We believe it is the best way for your kids to grow and develop a relationship with God. To this point we keep our teaching shorter, include applications for kids, and provide the following “family” sheet. We find that debriefing this sheet weekly over ice cream produces meaningful faith conversations.