We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to churches. Our prayer is that you would get connected with us so that your gifts are able to be shared and you would grow in truth that brings about maturity— being more like Jesus. Here are where our passions are focused.


We teach grace. The concept of grace is core to our message—the gospel of Jesus. We are saved by grace, freed by grace, grow by grace, and kept by grace. It is the basis of spiritual growth, raising our kids, interacting with one another, and impacting the world.


God gives everyone opportunities for ministry– men & women, young & old. Our church’s ministry will not thrive without everyone contributing their time and talents and spiritual gifts. Our leaders’ job is not to do everything, their job is to empower everyone to use their gifts alongside. The body concept.


We value honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability in our interaction with one another—starting with those in leadership. This includes listening and engaging with people, their comments and feedback. We are ready and willing to change in order to best serve people and grow ourselves in Christ


We desire to build strong believers, families, marriages and kids—by teaching, by example, and by sharing the responsibility. These disciples are missionally focused on impacting our community and world.


We believe the Bible.  It is the direct revelation of truth from God and has the answers we need in order to live properly in relationship with God and people. We are focused its true meaning rather than making it say what we want it to.


Our leaders are responsible to proactively disciple, train, and prepare the next generation of leaders and in the right time to empower and put them in place.