Easy to find location

We are right across Pacific Ave from Woodland Creek Community Park. You cannot miss it– it is a vintage white church, an old Ft. Lewis chapel that was brought down to Lacey many years ago.


Enter into the lobby through the main doors away from the street. There is an ADA ramp for anyone with mobility needs. Grab a snack or a cup of coffee– a greeter will say “good morning” and give you the morning’s program on your way in.

If you have nursery aged kids and want a little break, ????follow the signs for the nursery, otherwise you are always welcome bring your kids into church for worship (more about the nursery and youth).


Step into the chapel and find a seat. Our typical attendance is between 50 and 100 people– plenty of seating, you only need to arrive early if you want the coveted back row. If you are hard of hearing, stop by the sound booth as we have some hearing assist radios that can be very helpful.

Morning Service

We typically kick things off with a couple songs of worship to the Lord. We play a mix of upbeat modern music as well as some classic hymns and even the occasional praise chorus. Our focus is on solid lyrics and making the music accessible for the church to be able participate in worship (more about our multigenerational flavor).

We will share a couple announcements and then I (Pastor Jeremy) will get up and excuse the preschool-aged kids to their class and then teach from the Bible for about 30-45 minutes. (Check out previous messages.) We typically teach book by book, but I break each book into bite sized series of 3-6 weeks matching the themes in the text. Our church’s primary emphasis is on solid and practical Bible teaching (hence our name). My style is a little less preach and a little more teach– and I use a lot of visuals. Seriously, you might think I am joking about the slides, but nearly every week I see people whipping out their phones and taking pictures of the screen.

We’ll close up with a song or two. On the first Sunday of the month we’ll close by serving communion (a token gluten-free cracker and mini cup of grape juice) to everyone in attendance as a reminder of Jesus’ broken body and shed blood – a sacrifice on our behalf. If you are our guest and would like to participate, please feel welcome or simply pass tray as it comes by– no pressure.

I’ll close in prayer and dismiss everyone. A head’s up– there is an offering box in the back on your way out– you can use it to drop in a hello card or share a prayer request. Our expectation is that our guests… would be our guests. I typically hang out in the back after services, if you have a moment please come introduce yourself– we are always glad to have guests and we’d love it if you left as friends.

Your kids will be having so much fun they won’t want to leave– but nonetheless we still encourage you to pick up the nursery and preschool kids back at their room. ????