We love kids and families! But here is the truth: traditional youth ministry isn’t working great . Research shows around the United States nearly 50% of students walk away from the church after they graduate from High School. (read more)

As part of our church relaunch we have charted a new course, that is both true to the Bible and research-based. It is based on 4 key principles:

  • Partnership with Families – Parents are the #1 influencers when it comes to spirituality in young people, even teenagers. We want to empower parents to nurture faith in their families.
  • Intergenerational Relationships – Youth also need to be engaged with other adults (who are not their parents). We believe this happens best in church when youth have opportunity to serve alongside and ministry with other adults and youth. This is less “youth group” and more “all church”.
  • Whole Gospel – We want to clearly communicate the whole truth about the gift of grace from Jesus Christ, not just a fragmented list of Bible stories.
  • A Safe Place for Doubt – We want to dive in deep to the worldview and foundational topics and ask the hard questions and give our youth (and adults) an opportunity to honestly wrestle with claims of the Bible.

Our plan for youth in Elementary, Middle, and High School

We want to invite you to bring your kids to church with you, in the actual regular service. Wait, before you go… please read on…

We know it is not the easy button! Trust us, we know, you just need a break. One hour of kid-free time on Sunday sounds great. Kids in church isn’t always easy. But trust us, invest that time into your kid’s spiritual life and you’ll be thankful in the end. Go ahead and hire the sitter when you need a break during the week. Use that vacation day with your spouse. But don’t miss the spiritual conversations that come from a family discussing the Bible message they heard together.

Youth Group

In addition to your kids coming to church, we also have a separate Sunday evening event that is tailored to their specific needs and interests. It is ran by a full-time staff member (Brian Motz) and a team of great volunteers.

We make it easy easier

Each week we invited families to bring their kids to church, into our regular worship service and to be a part of our teaching. We believe it is the best way for your kids to grow and develop a relationship with God. To this point we keep our teaching shorter, include applications for kids, and provide the following “family” sheet. We find that debriefing this sheet weekly over ice cream produces meaningful faith conversations.

Check out an example:

In addition to Sunday morning, the youth of our church are invited to monthly fun weeknight activities to help build deep meaningful relationships with other youth in the church. We also invite our youth to find places to serve in the local body, examples include: on the stage with the worship team, handing out bulletins in the lobby, or working with young ones in the nursery.

Pastor Jeremy, his wife Carri, and their three kids out enjoying the Pacific Northwest!